Reach the Force that resides in The Depths

With the power to save your land …

… Or bring the End of Times.

Ancient Tower buried for Millennia …

13 levels filed with quests and secrets.

Beautiful locations with various themes.

… Filled with Hostile Presence

Real-time tactical combat.

Slow-time mode.

7 Available Classes 

An Ultimate Protector

Can wear Heavy Armor and use Heavy Shields. He is proficient with all melee weapons also with dual-wield combat style. His Taunt ability pulls tough enemies away from more fragile party members while Create Wall can shape the battlefield to your advantage.

Race: Human


Queen of Arrows

Marksman just tears through the enemies at distance. Wields either high attack speed Bows or slower Crossbows with armor penetration. Can temporarily enchant her projectiles for additional elemental damage or mark enemies in an area for an increased damage from all sources.

Race: Human


Lord of Life and Earth

Druid wields Staff, Wands or Stones for elemental range attacks. His Healing Totem provides health restoration and resistance buffs to all party members in an area. Can summon powerful Earth or Water Elemental to assist your party in different roles, depending on need.

Race: Elf


Bearer of Fire and Steel

Can wear Heavy Armor and is proficient with all melee weapons. His innate Earth and Fire affinity makes him also a viable magi should the need arise. Can cast Blinding Flash that incapacitates enemies in cone area in front of him. His Acid Splash reduces armor of engaged enemies (or even melts it completely at higher levels).

Race: Dwarf


Master of All Sharp Things

This hulking giant is a master of melee combat. Although wearing only Medium Armor, his large health pool allows him to withstand a lot of punishment. His Petrifying Shout can stun enemies in cone area. At full rage, he can trigger the state of Blind Rage, loosing control over his actions and tearing through all enemies on the battlefield.

Race: Frostling


Arcane Force Unleashed

As the member of the least known of all races, she has an unusually strong affinity for magic. Has command over a wide arsenal of magi skills of all four elements and even access to Void, a mysterious fifth element. With her Elemental Barrage, she can shoot multiple elemental projectiles at closest enemies. Her Firestorm rains destruction over large area, which can be upgraded to Voidstorm at higher levels.

Race: Shadow


The Ancient

Rumor has it, that at the lower levels of the Tower, frozen in stasis, there is a being that dates back to the Old Times. Her abilities are unknown although it is speculated that they involve all manners of technological contraptions. Can you gain her trust so she will give assist you in your quest?

Race: Uknown


New Class Progression System 

Each character attribute is equally important and classes can be build in multitude of ways.

“How mighty must be Life Oak to withstand the  hurricane? We do not know, as Life Oaks now live only in bedtime stories.”
“Why count days and months if our homes can be swept by a molten river any time? It is better to practice running.”

Might increases damage inflicted with each weapon hit (physical and magical) and grants ability to pierce armor.

Speed increases attack speed with each weapon and reduces recovery rate after using magic ability.

“They say that Ancients could lift a mountain with a simple thought. Now we only ponder how to survive until the morrow.”
“I wish I had the strength of a Forest Elemental. Not that I would like to have his looks though.”

Mastery increases the power of magic abilities and increases the rate of mana regeneration.

Life increases the number of health points and also increases elemental resistance.

Diverse and Unique Enemies

What manner of magic can bring back the souls of those long gone?

The Wraith has a strong affinity to magic, so it is presumed the occupying soul must have belonged to a Magi before. This creature has a powerful range attack. It also has Lifeforce Drain ability. Once tethered to a living being, it pulls the life energy of the victim, regaining its own essence in process.

Race: Unliving


Strange travelers. Where did they come from?

Ork have gained access to the Tower via one of the World Gateways, created by Mad Magi. They come from from a different place, perhaps also different time. They are definitely highly intelligent but we are yet to find a way to communicate with them. Surprisingly, they also command a magic of their own, although the origins of their power is different than ours.

Race: Ork

Ork Elder Shaman

A singular purpose: to hunt down those using magic

Crystal Golems in the Old Days were created and positioned across the land to collect mana nodes as soon as they appeared. After Grand Edicts were passed, they also were tasked with the executions of those who used magic unlawfully. Even after all this time, Tower has brought old assembly lines back online, to create a guardian force.

Race: Ancient Construct

Crystal Golem

The pinnacle of ancient technological advancement.

When the Enemy struck, Ancients attempted to match the brutality and sheer force of shadow constructs with the mechanoids of their own. Mage versions of Clockwork Mechanoids were especially effective, since they could adapt to the resistances of the particular shadows, however, they were far too few to change the outcome of the war.

Race: Ancient Mechanoid

Clockwork Mage

Other Features

Rich Crafting System

You can craft all weapon types and all armor types but not jewelery. Item Power depends on crafting crystal rarity - Magic (Green), Ancient (Blue) and Relic (Purple).

Crafting cost increases with item tier, so there is little point in hoarding crystals for later use. Relic items can also hold an enchantment.


Discover forgotten secret of enchanting

Only Weapons, Jewelry and certain Armor items of Relic type are potent enough to accept an enchantment. There are 6 enchantments for each item type, their cost increasing with the level.

It can be a hard choice. For your 2-handed Sword, do you take Obsidian Edge or Armor Shatter. For your Crossbow, you choose Ephemeral Chains or Mana Drain? Or... perhaps you pick a supreme one instead - irresistible Sunpowered?


Recover forgotten knowledge

Your heroes do not gain levels through experience. After all, they are the champions of what remains of once grand civilization.

Instead, during your exploration, sometimes you can stumble upon a secret tome of wisdom, containing the lost knowledge of the Ancients. Once you recover such treasure, you can then upgrade your class buildings and your heores can train in them.


Expand your city

While the world is dying around you....

You can upgrade your class buildings and few other in the city, as you advance in the game. However, you have limited resources so you need to pick your priorities well.

City Upgrade

Game Art

Elemental Area - Great Whirlpool

Elemental Area - Earth Sector

Elemental Area - Air Platforms

Elemental Area - Fire Challenge

Statue of Fair Commerce

Underwater passage

Home of the Servant of Stone

Corrupted Lake

Bridge to Mining Area

Mining Area

Mushroom cavern

Secret Library

Old Magi Experiment

Blue depths

“Don’t be a fool. You do not know what is his true agenda and yet you intend to carry his will. If you continue this folly, you will bring destruction on all of the living.”
The Tower, 121 A.S.

Coming   early 2Q’2017

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